February 6, 2022

The broadcasting feature helps small businesses contact faster with their clients or consumers. In case you’re an eduactional institution and want to quickly notify all the students or parents about an event, or in case you’re a seller who wants to widely spread an offer or sale, WA Toolbox helps you target the right people at the best time in the best way.

To start a WhatsApp messaging campaign, you need to prepare your message template first. A message template is a re-useable message that you prepare for one time and use in your broadcasting and automated replies, it can be a text message, a video, image, audio, or any other interactive message type, learn more about the message templates in this post.

Click on the WA Toolbox button, navigate to the “Broadcasts” tab, and click “New campaign”.

Give your campaign a name to easily identify it.

Choose the message template(s) that you want to send to the customers, you have the option to send all the selected messages, or to randomly pick and send a message to each of the target customers.

Select the targets that you want to receive your message, you have wide options of filters to easily reach the exact people who are interested in your message.

The last step is to configure your campaign, whether you want to send it right now or schedule it to a future date/time, or just save it for later use.

It is also good to set an interval between the messages, to reduce the robotic activities that could flag and ban your WhatsApp account.

You can archive, block or label the conversations that receive your broadcast, so you can identify them later.

You can also trigger webhooks for each conversation that receives the message.